Saturday, 3 February 2018

Kaukau and Aquagym

Swimming times for term one are:

Tuesday 10.30 - 11.00 TIPU ONLY
Wednesday 1.30 - 2.00 REA ONLY
Thursday 1.30 - 2.00 TIPU AND REA
Friday 2.30 - 3.00 TIPU AND REA

In week three of this term Rea has Aquagym lessons. They will leave school at 11.30 and get back to school at approximately 1.00. They will need their togs every day. Tipu's swimming times will stay as per above during this week.

In week four of this term Tipu has Aquagym lessons in the school pool. Tamariki will need their kākahu kaukau (swimming togs) every day. Because of this, Rea's swimming times change to Tuesday and Thursday during week four only.

The 2018 contribution to our curriculum swimming programme will be $22 for Tipu, and $33 for Rea. This cost has been subsidised by the Government’s Kiwi Sport grant which aims to increase physical education participation. Payment can be made on the bottom of a form that will be sent home in week 2 or by internet banking to our school account no. 123151-0178176-00 (reference with child’s name, home base and Aquagym). If payment is proving to be difficult please apply in writing to the Principal’s ACORN fund.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Expectations and a few new things...

Kia ora e te whānau,

WOW! This week has been amazing with seeing everyone again after the long break! We are looking forward to spending this year with you all.

Just to recap on a few things, since it's the start of the year:

1) In terms one and four tamariki need a hat everyday to be able to play outside at break times at during fitness sessions.
2) We are a water only school. Please, no flavoured milk or juice.
3) Please ensure all items of clothing of tamariki are clearly named, especially during swimming terms.
4) Correct uniform for all tamariki to be worn as per the information booklet on the school website. Please, no hair accessories other than school coloured ones. A special taonga around the neck and small earrings can be worn.
5) If you receive a pink notice that means it MUST be returned to school.

Tamariki often have various things to bring home (notices, reading books, word cards, etc.). ALL tamariki are required to have a reading folder in TTRR this year to ensure that reading books and notices are being taken home and kept safe.

Righto... Now that that's out of the way here are some exciting new things going on in Te Tikanga Rua Reo this year:

Mainly, it's the implementation of Class Dojo. Class Dojo is an online system that allows tamariki to be given points based on skills that we see them using, which are mainly based on our school values. It is also a way for us to share some cool mahi that your tamariki/tamaiti are doing at school. We can also send messages out about things when needed. Your tamaiti has been sent home with an access code that you can use to connect with our unit on the app. If you have not yet connected yourself, please do so that you can track how your tamaiti is doing.

The other one is... We are trying to reduce our waste in Te Tikanga Rua Reo and would love to move towards rubbish free lunch boxes. We spent a while learning about sustainability and waste management last year and would love to continue working on these skills this year. Every morning each tamaiti will choose 2 things for morning tea, unwrap them if needed, and put them on a plate. There are two reasons for this; 1) to reduce the amount of rubbish being taken out into the playground as it is often dropped or falls out of a pocket or rubbish bin; 2) to ensure tamariki eat an appropriate amount of food at morning tea to prepare them for the next learning block.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Run, Jump, Throw Day!

Junior School – ‘Run, Jump, Throw’ Event
Wednesday 29th November 2017, 10:30am ~ 12:30pm
(Postponement Day : Friday 1st December)
The Tui, Tipu and Ngā kiwi teams wish to invite you to our sports morning. This will be a fun event in which the children are able to participate and show the athletics skills they have developed over the term. The activities that the children are learning form the foundation of the skills required when participating in the middle and senior school athletics. The focus is on participation and fundamental skill development in a fun environment. Come along and watch, lend a hand or join in.
The children will be moving from station to station in house groups. Each station will be approximately 7 minutes long and then the groups will rotate to another activity. The activities are based on the developmental skills of: running, jumping and throwing.
At the conclusion of the rotation of activities, the children will move to the 60m track where the relays will conclude the event.
We plan to finish by 12:30pm when we will break for lunch. Feel free to stay and have lunch with your child on the school field.
Please ensure your children have appropriate sports gear (T-shirt, shorts) in their house colours, sunscreen applied that morning, a hat, warm jersey, water bottle and normal morning tea and lunch food for the day.
Many thanks,
Junior School Teachers

Monday, 30 October 2017

I runga i te kaupeka o te wā, ka tuku mihi ki a koutou ngā whānau o Te Tikanga Rua Reo.
Kua heke tōtā, kua whakapau werawera, ā, kei te tau mai tātou ki te mutunga o te tau.
Nei ngā mihi ki a tātou tamariki kua aro pū ki te kaupapa o Te Manu Kōrero. Kei te hīkaka mātou ko ngā kaiako ki te whakarongo ki a rātou hei tērā wiki.
Seasons greetings to all of you as we near the end of our year. Our tamariki have been working very hard on their Manu Kōrero and we all look forward to listening to them next week.

Manu Kōrero
Week 4 Tuesday 7th November from 10:30. Please come and support your tamaiti/tamariki and share in this important event. We will have shared kai at the culmination. Please bring a plate of food. The speaking order of year groups are as follows: Tau 6, Tau 2, Tau 5, Tau 4, Tau 0/1, Tau 3. Each group will be approximately 15 minutes but this is only a guide!
Tēnā koutou e te whānau me ngā mihi o te wā ki a koutou katoa. Can you believe it that we are almost starting Term 4! The year has gone too fast once again and before we know it will be Kirihimete. We have got a busy term ahead of us once again and hopefully the table included allows you to keep a track of things for this term. 
Our big focus is Manu Kōrero for the first few weeks. Kaupapa to be sent out soon. I also need everyone to update their tamaiti's pepehā, particularly for our new tamariki as for most of them, this will be the crux of their speech. See attached.
To culminate the term, we will be holding our annual Te Puāwaitanga Prize Giving which is our own special TTRR prize giving. Can I please have all taonga returned to kura for those who received some prizes last year?

Wk 1
·         First Day of Term/Kura Pōwhiri 9:30
·         Kōrero on Parihaka by Matua Mike for first few weeks of kura in lead up to Parihaka Day Nov 5.
·         Manu Kōrero preparations
Wk 2
·         Hui Whānau, Mon 5:30 (TBC)
·         Tipu story time presentation Fri 10:30-12:30
·         Manu Kōrero preparations

Wk 3
·         Snr Athletics, Wed
·         pp Snr Athletics, Thurs
·         Parihaka Day/Market Day Sun 12-3
·         Manu Kōrero preparations
Wk 4
·         Manu Kōrero, Tues
·         Worm Farm, Wed
Wk 5
·         Zone Athletics, Tues
·         Tipu Beach Ed, Mon
·         Yr 5 Beach Ed, Wed
·         Junior Athletics day TBC
Wk 8
·         Big Day Out, Tues
·         Te Puāwaitanga/TTRR Prizegiving, Thurs
Wk 9
·         Yr 5/6 Wainui Camp, Mon - Wed

Wk 10
·         School Prizegiving/Yr 6 Leavers evening, Mon
·         Last Day of Term, Wed 20th

Sunday, 13 August 2017


St Albans School Maths-a-thon 

Monday 14th August 2017

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

This year we are celebrating maths week with an emphasis on engagement and motivation. Each team has planned an exciting programme for the week which focuses on knowledge building.

As part of maths week and fundraising towards school mathematics resources, games, equipment and learning we are running a school-wide ‘maths-a-thon’.

This will be a great event. We have given each child a sheet of knowledge facts to learn. Children are expected to practise these every night and aim to get them all correct in ten minutes. On Monday 28th August, all children will be tested on the facts they have learned. The test will be similar to their practise sheet and will have a ten minute limit to ensure that the children have learned the facts to a mastery level.

Also coming home with the children today is a sponsor sheet, which we would like all students to fill in, getting as many sponsors as they can. Please ask parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, extended family, neighbours and friends to sponsor an amount for each fact learned. It could be as little as 1 cent a fact, or as much as a $1 or more a fact. Some people may find it more appropriate to offer a donation instead of a sponsorship, and this is fantastic too. Please don’t send any money to school until after Monday 28 August.

You can return your completed forms to a drop box in the office. Please make sure the money and form are in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and home base written on it. This is so we can determine prizes for our top sponsored home base and the top performing home base.

Please return completed forms and money by Friday 8th September. Only the forms that are in on time will be in the running for prizes. This is a ‘win-win’ situation – the students are learning and the school is able to fundraise.

Thank you for your support with this ‘maths-a-thon’.

If you have any queries please contact your child’s home base teacher.